The mission of the Twin Counties Free Clinic is to provide free, basic, non-emergency medical diagnostic and treatment services for people living in Marinette County in Wisconsin and Menominee County in Michigan who lack sufficient resources to otherwise obtain these services.  Volunteer health care professionals and other community members will deliver care in a compassionate, confidential and professional manner with respect for human dignity.

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Our PatientsOur patients are people you see every day in our community – like the young cashier handing your order at a busy grocery store, and the older gentleman counting your shirts at your neighborhood dry cleaners. Others work behind the scenes – like the dishwasher in a local restaurant and the worker at a industrial plant. Still others have faithfully served their customers for years, taking care of children and cleaning homes. They work hard, focused on doing a good job so they can provide for their own families. Most never thought they would ever need free health care.